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CupCakes & Sweet Treats

Our cupcakes and sweet treats are made to order, from scratch*, using the finest and freshest ingredients, 

We are always creating new flavors and are open to suggestions or possible variations, such as fruit fillings or toppings. 

Please provide 48 hours for orders 6 dozen or less or 1 week for larger quantities.

Please see the downloadable menu for flavors.

*Substitutions may be necessary due to the time of season and availably. 

Minimum Order

1 flavor per dozen for regular sized cupcakes
1 flavor per 2 dozen for mini cupcakes 


  • Traditional CupCakes 
    • $30 per 1 dozen regular size(1 flavor per dozen) 
    • $36 per 2 dozen mini size (1 flavor per 2 dozen minis)  
  • Filled/Layered CupCakes
    • $35 per 1 dozen standard dozen (1 flavor per dozen) 
    • $40 per 2 dozen for minis (1 flavor per 2 dozen minis) 
  • Speciality CupCakes
    • $40 per 1 dozen standard dozen (1 flavor per dozen) 
    • $45 per 2 dozen for minis(1 flavor per 2 dozen minis) 

Sweet Treats

Salted Caramel Rice Crispies 1 dozen- $30
Salted Caramel Rice Crispies with candied bacon – 1 dozen - $35
Brownie Bars – 1 dozen - $28
Magic Cookie Bars – 1 dozen - $30 

Lemon Bars – 1 dozen - $Lime Bars – 1 dozen - $30

Cheesecake Parfaits with seasonal fruit - 1 Dozen - $40
EggNogg Bars – 1 dozen - $35- (seasonal)


"Stephanie is a top notch professional. Everything was just as we requested. The presentation was beautiful and inviting. The cupcakes tasted yummy and were a hit as well as the bacon, salted caramel, rice crispies."  Barb W. 

"I have not had anything I did not absolutely adore. It is so addicting and you do not care it is so good. Thank you CupCake Patty I am so happy you are in my life."  Desiree R. 

"Cupcake Patty was extremely professional. Her cupcakes are a small piece of heaven on earth. She completed my order in an excellent amount of time, delivered, and set them up. Her prices are extremely reasonable, and the cupcakes are absolutely worth every penny. !!!!!!!!"  Toniesha W.


All Orders are delivered to your door or event location.  

Delivery in Alameda county is $10; San Francisco, San Mateo, Contra Costa and San Jose counties are $35.

Special Events

Events and Dessert Bars

Our sweet treat dessert bars consist of a collection of visually tempting, taste bud pleasing mini sweet treats, which is an alternative to traditional plated desserts.  

Each of our mini sweet treats stands out as an unexpected combination of flavors, designed for easy pick up and utmost enjoyment. We customize your dessert table to complement your celebration, with an artful presentation of impressive mini sweets.  We use our own collections of cake stands, glassware, serving pieces and custom signage.  In the end, we design a focal point that is artistic, conversational and ultimately enhaled by you and your guests. 

We prefer to work with you to create recipes and presentations that are relevant to your event.  We don't want you to feel confined to a particular menu.  If you have special requests, please feel free to let us know.  We'd love to develop a sweet treat dessert bar that meets your event needs. 


Attached is a good representation of the flavors offered 

If there is a flavor that you are interested in, that is not listed, please let us know and we'll try to accommodate. 

CupCake Patty Flavor Menu Aug 2017 (pdf)


About Us

CupCakes & Sweet Treats

My mother taught me to bake and cook at a young age. Cookies, cakes, fudge and even rolls, from scratch.  I enjoy baking and better yet, putting a smile on friends and families faces.   I was looking for a great tasting cupcake and I tried the popular cupcake shops, one after the other, and was never satisfied and thought I could do better.  So, I began making my own creations of cupcakes that I thought people would really enjoy.  I have flavors that bring back memories of someones childhood, grandma's baking and even a new twist on savory combined with sweet cupcakes.  They were a hit.  With the variety of flavors to choose from, I felt that anyone can make vanilla cupcakes! 

Who is Patty?

Thanks to my good friends Damon and Leigha Dorsette.  I was trying new recipes and got a call from Leigha that she and Damon were getting married, in less than 72 hours.  We wouldn't miss it for the world.  My husband and I attended their impromptu wedding and brought them some Key Lime Cupcakes, Leigha's favorite.  Her now husbad, Damon, looked at me and said, “who are you, CupCake Patty?”  I looked at my husband and told him, I guess I am.  And so, I became CupCake Patty!


Contact Us

Delivery is provided within the San Francisco Bay Area, or by appointment for pick up. 

CupCake Patty, sweet treats by Stephanie

(510) 306-1703


CupCakes and sweet treats are made to order from scratch!  I would like to accommodate every order, however I need 48 hours to a week in advance. 

Drop us a line!